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Well.ca is offering 30% off L'Oreal Paris face products including eye cream, night cream, cleansers, and more.

I am in my late 20's, but I have had dark circles under my eyes since I can remember, probably because I did not get enough sleep as a kid. I have been really wanting to try out some products to reduce the raccoon look and spotted this L'Oreal Collagen Micro Pulse Eye that looks interesting. Originally $36.69, it is on sale for $25.68. It is a bit pricey for my taste in cosmetics, but it has a great review:

Great product. I have been using this for 3 weeks and my bags are gone.. I swear even my dark circles are lighter!

I wonder what it would be like to look rested even though I rarely am!

I do not wear makeup much, but when I do I am horrible at taking it off. I know it is terrible for my skin when I do not remove it, but I have yet to buy a product like the L'Oreal Gentle Waterproof Makeup Remover to do so. I really have no excuse since this makeup remover is actually pretty cheap. Originally $12.99 it is on sale for $9.09.

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