Lunapads: 1/2 Price PantyLiner for New Customers


So this is presented as a 'freebie' on their website, but you have to pay for shipping + taxes (and fill out a small survey). With that it makes it a little under 1/2 the usual price to try out one of their products. If you have never tried Lunapads before this offer is specifically for you. I checked out shipping, and for me it was about $5.00. In contrast pantyliners from Lunapads usually cost $11.99 so you are getting a good deal.

'Brief' note on eligability for this offer:

If you have already received samples or gifts from us, or have purchased Lunapads products online or in a store, you are not eligible for this promotion. If you have not already completed our fence sitters survey, please do so. Your sample will not be shipped until we receive your survey responses. Thank you!

I use Lunapads all the time and LOVE them. Unfortunately I do not qualify for this promotion however, this is a great deal, I encourage anyone who has not tried reusable menstrual items to take advantage of this offer. They are so easy to use and comfortable. Eco-friendly, body friendly and budget-friendly (will save you hundreds in the long run.. trust me... if you want to know details I can work out the $$ for you again!)

Happy girly time! :-)


  • Leanne
    If you sign up for a monthly email, there is a $5 promo code (I had to phone in to get it) but that covers the shipping in canada!
    • Avigayil
      Thanks so much for the info!

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