Stop Hair Brushing Battles! Detangling Brush Set for $15

22 April 2016
Detangling Brush Set for $15 @

As a child, I would twirl my long hair round and round until my finger would get caught right up to my head. My mom would usually have to get the scissors out and cut my hair to free my finger. There were a few times that she successfully pried my finger out from the nest of tangled hair without cutting but I have vivid memories of her trying to brush through those tangles afterward! That was back in the day when we didn't have hair detangler sprays, either.

Brushing hair can be very painful and distressing for some children. Many children, and often those with sensory sensitivities find it next to impossible to have someone brush through their hair.

If you cringe (because your child cringes) when you comb through their hair, this Art Naturals Detangling Hair Brush Set might be an ideal solution. It's a #1 best seller in health and beauty on, and the reviews are quite impressive. For $14.95 (on sale from $45.95), you receive two detangling brushes.

Split ends are minimized with use of this brush (because there is less 'pull' toward the ends) and with the scalp being better massaged from the brush (leaving behind shinier hair) you will probably not want to use another brush again.

As usual, shipping is free at with purchases over $25, or free with an Amazon Prime membership. Pair it with Aussie Awesomely Clean 2-in-1 Grape shampoo for $5.49 and this Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Silkening Hair Detangler for $5.68 would total $26.12, so shipping would be free. Otherwise, if purchase is under $25, shipping is quite reasonable and will vary depending on your location.

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