Canadian Freebies: Free Incognito Period Kit


This is a fabulous freebie that is designed for teenage girls just experiencing their first period. It is the Incognito Kit and this is their promise:

You have just started your period or feel that they are just around the corner? Congratulations! Incognito created this lovely kit which contains everything you need for this new stage in your life. Our “First period kit” has samples of panty liners, ultra thin pads (regular with tabs and super with tabs), tampons, and an information pamphlet about periods. This lovely tin case will also come in handy to discreetly carry around your products! To receive your free kit, you only need to fill in the following fields. By filling-in this form, Incognito commits to sending you the “First period kit” free of charge and to never solicit you afterwards.

I like the fact they will never solicit after you order this (so nice). It also looks like a really nice kit.

This would have been VERY nice to have when I was just starting mine, what a horrible time it was! I think that singular event scarred me for years. Knowing you have choices and discreteness is really nice. If I ever have girls I will prepare for their first period very carefully!


  • misskitty_79
    I ordered one & will be regifting it to my local shelter. You see, I use a cup, so I haven't had to buy "feminine hygiene products" for nearly 4 years now. So liberating!
  • Jeanine R.
    The Link is not working!
    • Avigayil
      I think their website is down right now.. maybe give it a little time.
  • Donna
    the link is working now
  • Genevieve
    This kit is not available. Remove the link. I'm working for Fempro Inc. From Consumer Services Fempro Inc.
    • Anna
      How polite.
      • Gwendolyn
        I know

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