Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price: GNC Brand Products This Weekend

9 February 2013

GNC Canada is here to PUMP... YOU UP! I had to do it. Don't judge me. Don't you dare judge me! So... for this weekend only, if you buy any GNC branded product, you will get the second for half price.

This deal is only for GNC branded products. GNC ships from within Canada.

So I know this isn't my usual beat. Normally I'm shilling video games and computers but today I'm bringing out something a bit different. Different but, in a way, still relevant. How? I'll explain. There is a stereotype about computer nerds such as myself that states that we are all either severely overweight slobs or 95 pound wimps who spend hours and hours playing video games and writing code. This stereotype is largely true. Maybe not true in every aspect but most geeks fit into one of those categories.

So how can GNC help? Well, they offer sleep aids like melatonin to get you to bed when all you want to do is play WoW. They also offer caffeine pills to keep you up when you just need to hammer out that last bit of code. And of course there are products to help you bulk up or slim down as needed. I also suggest getting their store card if you're going to be getting products from them on a regular basis. The discount that the card affords is pretty good.

Shipping should be a flat rate of $1.

(Expires: 10th February 2013)

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  • mari
    Is there a coupon code for the 1 dollar shipping because it's not working on the site. Thanks.
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Hi Mari. Sorry about this, looks like they're changing the shipping offer on a daily basis. It was on yesterday, doesn't seem to be on this weekend, but it will be back on Monday again (but by then, this deal will be over). Sorry!

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