Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Acne Clearing Blue Light ($340 value) from TRIA Beauty!


*** Contest now closed, winner was Bargainmooser Gayle! ***

Remember the Tria Age-Defying Laser that we gave-away back in April? Well the nice people at Tria love Bargainmoose so much that they’ve decided to give us another one of their great beauty products to giveaway! This time, it’s the Acne Clearing Blue Light (valued at $340).

The Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light is a do-it-yourself version of an acne and blemish treatment offered by dermatologists. I never suffered from acne but I have had annoying blemishes so this tool has piqued my curiosity! The Tria device works by using a non-UV light therapy called “blue light” to eliminate bacteria that causes breakouts at their source. This results in a clearer complexion, which of course is what we all want!  You can read more about how it works and watch videos on the Tria website.

As I mentioned in the last Tria contest post, I think it’s really important to do your homework before investing in a tool that's going to cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars, and after doing my own research, I am happy to report that the reviews look quite positive. If you want to get a taste of what people are saying, check out the Tria Reviews & Stories page.

Just a heads up, in order to keep your treatment going you will need to buy Blue Light Cartridges every few months at a cost of $45 each.

Want to win this prize?

“Comment below with your best tips for avoiding or getting rid of a breakout!”

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  • lennypuz
    Most people don't, but wash your face in the morning AND at night. Exfoliate too! Sounds simple and routine but it works.
  • gilgamesh00ca
    Moisturize your skin! Your skin will over produce oil if you don't which of course can lead to blocked pores and blemishes.
  • Maria
    The best tip I can share to help prevent breakouts is to keep your hands off your face when you have a blemish. Even after cleansing and treatment, touching it seems to help it get travelling. Just don't do it.
  • Tracy
    The best tip I can think of is to use salicylic acid for pimples, like a spot treatment. Seems to help shrink them! :)
  • Katy
    Wash your face twice a day and try to eat healthy.
  • sandra
    Washing all that makeup off before bed and exfoliate a couple of times a week. Spot treatment of the pimples as soon as they start and keep your hands away from your face.
  • Crystal
    Would LOVE to have this device, as none of the posted advice has ever helped me. I've tried a million different products, some prescription, most not. I also tried washing once a day, twice a day, I always moisturize and use sunscreen, exfoliate a couple times a week and wash my make up off and eat healthy... and still I have problematic skin. It's been a frustrating struggle for decades.
  • katama381
    use tea tree oil after you wash your face
  • K
    Always wash your face before bed!
  • Carolyn
    Use an acne product with salicylic acid
  • Lisa
    Drink lots of water! it will seriously help your skin! Also buy oil free products and use sunscreen! For a stubborn pimple use ice to reduce swelling and old school crest toothpaste overnight can help it shrink!
  • Moe A.
    Retin A cream is the only thing that works for me.
  • hens
    keep your face clean, and don't use heavy makeup.
  • Amy
    Eat more Vega and fruit, drink lots of water, keep your pore breathe smoothly, don't scratch ur skin, keep it moisture will help preventing acne
  • Sandra R.
    Oil-cleansing method of facial maintenance (steam and combo of castor oil and jojoba oil). A bit tedious, but beneficial.
  • Ann
    I always use lemon juice, I don't know if it works or not.
  • vickie
    Clay mask spot treatment to get rid of breakout
  • suzi
    I know it sounds weird, but I read somewhere once to put toothpaste on your zits and I do that and I'm amazed at how quickly they go away!
  • Tania
    Tea tree oil! I also exfoliate with baking soda and it makes your skin silky soft!
  • Mei
    I don't have any tips..except to find a good dermatologist!
  • louise
    Wash your pillow cases very often
  • Anna
    Clean eating and lots of water. Being healthy on the inside will show on the outside.
  • Samantha
    Besides washing twice a day don't forget to drink lots of water as well!
  • Jonnie
    I avoid breakouts by not touching my face throughout the day. Once I stopped the habit of resting my face in my hands and rubbing my face, I stopped breaking out so much.
  • Matt
    Drink a lot of water everyday, at least 2 to 3 L and wash your face morning and night before going to bed.
  • Jo
    My tip is, keep your hands away from your face! ;)
  • Angela M.
    My best advice is to not wash your face too often even though it may be tempting. Twice a day is enough. And don't pick at your blemishes!
  • Angela M.
    Facebook share:!/angela.mitchell.589/posts/551289424976730
  • Jesse P.
    I have horrible acne and what has helped me the most is tea tree oil at night and also putting toothpaste on my pimples will make them less red and noticeable. Eating healthy and washing your face twice a day is also very beneficial but don't over wash or your skin will be dry and create more pimples. I think I will have to resort to taking medications soon but would rather not. I am always looking for alternatives and would love to try this. Thanks Bargainmoose for the contest! :)
  • jinny
    my advice for avoiding acne is eating light and sleeping before 11pm.
  • Brandy
    Years ago I was told to make a mask using green clay, honey, a couple of drops of lavender, and enough water to make a paste.
  • Anthony
    Wash your face twice a day and drink lots of water
  • Diana
    Washing my face with gentle cleanser every day in the AM and PM and exfoliating once a week! Using a gel based moisturizer especially in the summer to reduce the oil If I have any breakouts, I use ASA on it
  • janicour
    Keeping the skin hydrated, drinking adequate amounts of water, keeps the skin healthier, and better to fight bacteria that coauses acne. I have no idea how to pin the contest when there is no pin on your board.
  • Kelly
    DO NOT go to bed with make up on! Let your skin breath through the night while you are sleeping, with clean skin and pores.
  • cecilia
    No best advice except trying to find the best acne skin care that works for you. Many trial and errors.
  • Lisa
    Drink plenty of water throughout the day and wash face & hands frequently. Using a good facial wash would help too.
  • darci
    Wash your face when you wake up and before bed and make sure to use a clean facecloth every time to pat your face dry!
  • Brenda
    Wash your face both morning & night. Change your pillowcase daily
  • Josie
    Drink lots of water and wash your face morning and before bed
  • Josie
  • Johanna
    Use micro beads as an exfoliator in your cleanser because apricot seed extracts are rough enough to damage the skin and make skin irritated, making the problem worse.
  • Astryr
    After over 20 years with acne, and very little success in clearing it, I may not be the best person to give advice. I've tried so many things (prescription, over-the-counter, diet, natural remedies, etc.), and the things that have helped me, only improve my skin a small amount - and only for a short time (before it usually flares up even worse than before!). However, what I can tell you, is that other people I know have had success with increasing their sun exposure (being careful, of course - don't expose your skin midday, and only for short periods), increasing water intake, and exercise. Mostly though - my advice would be to stay away from long-term antibiotics as a treatment (the lasting effects of which I am still paying for 20 years later...).
  • Mara
    Keep your hands off your face! We are touching things all day that are COVERED with bacteria!
  • Sam L.
    My favourite acne tip was shared to me when I was a you teenage girl by a friend of mine in the seventh grade....put toothpaste on your zits! That tip has saved my face! Hahah
  • W L.
    Stop resting your chin on your hands; wash your face in the morning & at night; watch out for triggers that may set off a breakout.
  • Elaine W.
    make sure to clean your face well! Maybe even use alcohol to disinfect the area
  • Cuteba
    Drink lots of water, and don't use too many face products. Keep it simple and natural
  • Maegan M.
    The real key for controlling my acne was to wash my face and to never forget to moisturize. If I leave out that last step Im sure to break out.
  • Maegan M.
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  • Maegan M.
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  • Sihan
    I suffer from acne still but I try to not to touch my face too often and keepings my hands clean when washing my face. Hands can have tons of bacteria. I also try to change my sheets often. I treat it with acne washes and treatments. I have tried both benzoyl peroxide and salicytic acid but not tria yet.
  • Julie
    If you aren't having luck with a salicylic acid cleanser, go to your Dr and ask for a prescription of taro-clindamycin. It is a topical antibiotic in a dabber style bottle. Works wonders!
  • BMboss
    bacon grease is the key. of course let it cool down before applying but do so generously and nightly. acne will simply become history.
  • Linda P.
    Make sure you wash and dry your face with a mild soap in the morning and the evening to get rid of all the makeup. I find using a good moisturizer helps too.
  • Jen
    Keep your face clean not only by cleaning it, but by not touching it with your hands, cleaning your phone(s) etc. If you have sensitive skin like I do, avoid using more than one product that is medicated,
  • Yingy_c
    Enough rest is definitely the key for prevention. If there's already a breakout I'd try to put some honey on the spot then cover up with a bandage overnight!
  • CarlyLiz
    though I still have many breakouts I find that a consistent routine with a milder soap in the morning and a specific acne cleanser at night with a clarisonic brush seems to be keeping my face under control. I've also been known to dry out pimples with milk of magnesia out of impatience and its fairly successful.
  • L
    I've been using burt's bees herbal blemish sticks on the odd acne for a few years now, it definitely seems to speeds up the time it takes for blemishes to disappear.
  • Karla S.
    My best to it to drink plenty of water,and wash your face every night before bed, Thats all the tips I have,,wish I had more,,,going to read all the others now!
  • Karla S.
    I shared on twitter
  • Karla S.
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  • Ann
    Wash your face every morning and evening with a mild acne soap.
  • Nicole
    My favorite tip is to use Zinc cream (yup that's diaper cream). The zinc reduces redness, helps healing, and is very gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Lily
    Ways I avoid acne is to always get enough sleep, stay hydrated so skin doesn't dry out, and avoid eating deep fried food.
  • Gayle E.
    Mild cleansers and prescription medications. And if you don't have a prescription, try a tea tree oil blemish stick.
  • Elisha
    Changing your pillowcase frequently helps. And salicylic acid treatments (2% strength or higher).
  • Elisha
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  • Min C.
    Never touch acne with your dirty hand, and don't force to pop it. If you do, most likely, you will get a permanent scar on your face. If you really need to pop it, use Q-tips. I've had acne for most of my life and came to realize that it is always better not to touch my face. Period. Just keep washing it until it is gone.
  • Michelle D.
    At 43, I still suffer from the occasional breakout. My best suggestions would be to change your pillowcase frequently, use benzol peroxide as a spot treatment at night, drink plenty of water and avoid a lot of direct sunlight.
  • Norine T.
    Gently washing your face and applying a moisturizer for sensitive skin every night is essential to avoiding breakouts.
  • Norine
    Gently washing your face and applying a moisturizer for sensitive skin every night is essential to avoiding breakouts.
  • Kathie
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  • William
    I heard raw, unpasteurized honey does the trick. I've never tried it though.

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