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How many of you have wanted to watch content online but are constantly being blocked by websites because we live in Canada? Well good news, iPhone in Canada Deals is offering a VPN Unlimited Premium Plan for three years for just $19! This app usual retails for $65, so that’s 70% off!

There are other sites that are offering the same VPN plan, but they tend to be marked down no lower than $33 for the same three year deal. Why is this deal so great? Firstly, when anything is 70% off, that’s a good thing. Secondly, as we start to watch more and more videos, movies, and TV shows online, more and more countries are preventing their content from being seen and enjoyed outside of their borders. That can be frustrating for us in Canada, since we tend to enjoy American, British, and other shows from other parts of the world.

That’s where a VPN plan comes in. A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to connect to any website. Anywhere. Not only that, but all the data that’s sent through a VPN is hidden from hackers and identity thieves due to the VPN’s encryption technology. In other words, you can now watch content on any site, regardless of what country the site is from. This means that you can now enjoy American, British or any other country’s Netflix as well as sites like Hulu and websites from around the world.

Some of the other VPN Unlimited plan features are that it provides your computer with a secure public wi-fi connection, meaning as long as you use the VPN Unlimited server, you are 100% protected. It also allows you to use Unlimited Traffic Bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about your data usage. And once you buy this plan, you can use the VPN Unlimited on apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad as well as Macs, PCs, and even Linux. However, this VPN Unlimited plan does NOT work with Windows-based phones.

This deal is only available for another five days. So, if you or your family enjoys watching content online, this is the deal for you!

(Expiry: August 21, 2014)

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