TigerDirect.ca End of Month Clearance Sale: Hard Drives, PCs & TVs up to 57% Off

TigerDirect Canada is having a clearance sale to... I dunno... make room in their online store? Regardless of the reason, there are some great deals here so go on, start buying stuff! You know you wanna!

The deals here are quite varied, ranging from RAM to TVs to Hard Drives to full systems. Here are a few of the deals you can get:

They're calling this an End of the Month sale, so I'm going to say that this sale goes until the end of the month, but there are some items that have their own expiry date. Make sure if you're eyeing something and aren't sure if you're going to get it, that you check the expiry date. It could go back to regular price early.

This really is a mixed bag of products. You can get a little of everything. I did notice that they seem to have a lot of lower-end products in this sale. I'm not sure why that is, but it's not a bad thing. I think there is a place for low-end products in everyone's budget.

There is a house I drive by on my way home from work and whoever owns it has a little shed/workshop out front with a TV in it. I only know this because the shed has a window in it and I can see him watching CBC news as I drive by. I always wonder if he is worried that someone is going to break in and steal it, or that during the winter (yes, he is out there in the winter, this shed has a chimney!) the cold will damage it. This is the kind of person who lower-end products are for. If someone breaks in and steals his Haier branded TV or it gets damaged from an errant hammer, it isn't a huge deal because it only cost $190. Now I know that $200 isn't insignificant for a lot of people, but if you must have a TV in your shed, you might as well have a $200 model instead of a $500 model.

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