Best Buy Canada: King Koil Gel & Memory Foam Pillow Was $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


If you are in the market for your next great sleep, start at your pillow. This Smart Gel pillow is on sale from $89.99, now to $39.99, and you'll also get free shipping thrown in as well.

I recently bought a pillow just like this and paid quite a bit of money for it. I truly believe your pillow is the gateway to a good sleep. I take my pillow with me anywhere I go that I need to sleep in a different bed when I can. In fact, a few weeks ago I was away at a conference and forgot my pillow. I feel like I got zero sleep that night.

What's awesome about this pillow besides that it is $50 off, is that has memory foam to conform to your head and neck, but its not like those ones that you sink right into and get suffocated by the pillow cradling around your face. What's also great is that it has smart gel, which keeps you cool. If you are menopausal, post-partum or too hot when you sleep, this pillow is a godsend. I remember one of the worst problems I went through after having a baby is that I couldn't stop sweating. This pillow would have really helped with that.

There are four reviews on Best Buy's website and they all give this pillow a five-star rating:

This is a very comfortable pillow. Hugs your head but gives support. I sleep on my side and my neck does not kink at all. I highly recommend it.

Shopping around, I found this pillow selling at Walmart for $49. While that is not the regular price posted on Best Buy's site, Best Buy still beats this price by $10 and Walmart is also out of stock. Future Shop has it on sale, but for $53.99.

I wouldn't wait to ask around if anyone has this pillow, as I know it is going to sell out quickly. It is also a today only deal.

(Expiry: 23rd March 2015)

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