H&M Canada Discount Deal – Do You Want 20% Off?

The super-cool H & M Canada stores are offering us a 20% discount on any one item. Their clothing is pretty cheap to start with, so this is excellent!

If you like H and M clothing, this is a great deal. It says one coupon per customer… but I reckon you could try using it a few times.

I do quite like many of the styles in the H&M store… I’ve been in a few of the stores around the country. Although I have a size problem there… I think they might be made to fit smaller bodies than me! The H&M kids range is excellent though. They do really stylish children’s clothing, at great value prices. I’ve bought lots of items for my nephews’ birthdays from H and M Canada.

And just in case you didn’t know, H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz!

Thanks to Dreamer7112.

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  • Vickie4u
    This is great - I'll try and use it tomorrow. I love H&M!

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