75% Off Steamfast Steam Mop & Accessories For $33

Steamfast Mop & Accessories for $33

Spring cleaning just got a little bit more excited - without cleaning out your wallet. I have been wanting a steam mop for so long, and no I don't mean a Swiffer. Check out the Steamfast SF-150 Steam Mop that is on sale at Newegg.ca! For a limited time you will get 75% off and just pay $32.99 for this steam mop and accessories. Newegg Premier members even get free shipping.

The Steamfast SF-150 Steam Mop on sale at Newegg even comes with 2 Microfiber pads and a resting pad. This is a Shell Shocker deal, so I wouldn't be surprised if it sells out super fast. You are limited to three of these per customer, but your friends or family may also want one if you are making the purchase for yourself anyway. Why not combine shipping!?

What I love about steam mops is that they are 100% chemical free. They just use continuous hot steam to clean your floor - which is also a great way to disinfect them and get out tough stains. From reading reviews on this product, I can tell you that it gets the job done. I can also tell you that the included pads won't come out of the wash looking completely white - but that's not hard to fix.

Even if you have to pay the $9.99 shipping fee, this is still a stellar bargain. The lowest price I could find on this Steamfast mop elsewhere was $115 at Amazon.ca. The Newegg Premier membership is also worth it - if you find yourself often shopping at NewEgg.ca. For as low as $5.83 per month, you can enjoy all the perks like free shipping from Newegg.ca.

Do you think this product would make you ditch your traditional mop? Or would you use the steam mop between regular mop cleanings?

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  • kathyvan

    it was 8999 

  • mattyc

    expired already - now at 89.99

  • mattyc

    price is now up to 89.99

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