Entertainment Book Canada: Latest Discount Deal!

Entertainment Book Canada

When I last posted an offer for The Entertainment Book, it was a special $7 discount and free shipping. The discount has now increased quite a bit, so I will update this post.

It's now up to 20% discount and free shipping! You can choose from quite a few locations near to you, including  Calgary, Edmonton, Okanagan Valley, Vancouver 2010, Vancouver Island, Winnipeg, Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto Area, Montreal and Saskatchewan. The regular prices range from $30 to $45, depending on what area you live in.

If you buy this Entertainment book now, it will last another year or so, as it is the 2010 edition. Loads of time to take advantage of the excellent dining coupons and deals in the book!

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  • joy
    The Toronto book is only discounted by $5. $30 down from $35. Less than 15% off. These are USD prices.

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