Daily Deals - 5 great books for $5 each!

Audible is the best thing ever. I would gladly prank call the mother or anyone who tried to tell me otherwise. in fact, Audible is so awesome that they are having a daily deal every day from now until December 23rd!

If you already have a subscription to, ignore the link above and this paragraph and get right to the deals. Everyone else, listen up. You've been bamboozled by the book industry. They've been making you use your eyes, like a SUCKER, for years. Audible loves you so they want to you have all your books crammed directly into your ear holes by the best readers in the business. These aren't your 1973 books on tape, kids, these are seriously awesome. Keep in mind that I am telling you this as a published author who does not have an audio version of his book out. I am, with a smile on my face, canibalizing the industry that allows me to make money off of books. That's how much I love

Once you use that link up there to sign up, you can get yourself put on a "light" account for $10 a year. That lets you enjoy all their sales without paying monthly. If you dig it though, you can sign for a monthly subscription of one or two credits a month. Most books are one credit, some are two.

That link is the link to today's daily deals and these are the five books you can get for $5 each:

So those are some pretty awesome books there. A good cross section of stuff too which is one of the best things about Audible and most f their sales. They realize that I'm a big fantasy nerd so a story about a southern gentleman who rescues a baby from an orphanage run by a horrid Nebraskan woman in 1922, isn't going to appeal to me. Something for everyone.

I find it hard to comment on individual books because it's such a personal thing but I'm going to point out Fahrenheit 451.  It's an awesome book that I would highly suggest everyone read.

(Expires: Unknown)

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