TurboTax Canada: 12% Off TurboTax 2013


It's tax time people, the most wonderful time of the year! Make it even more wonderful with TurboTax.

When I say "Click here to get 12% off @ TurboTax.ca", I mean it. You have to use that specific link to get the deal. Click it. Cllliiiiick it... Click it!

I legitimately love tax time. My tax return is always awesome. It's made even more awesome because I do my own taxes. I see people dumping big portions of their tax return on places like H&R Block and, while that's fine if you don't mind wasting money, there is a better way! Before I get in to this, I want to mention that there is no substitute for a legitimate accountant. If you screw up your taxes because you did them on your own, it's not my fault. I warned you!

That being said, millions of people do their own taxes each year and I don't hear of many people messing them up. I've been doing my own taxes since I got my first job out of college and have even started doing them for other people as well. I know a lot of people who use Turbo Tax and they really like it. Even when I worked at Wal~Mart we would bring out these pre-made turbo tax displays constantly for months at a time because they would always sell out.

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  • Carol
    Today Shoppers Drug Mart has 20x s points on purchase of 50 or more, they also have Turbo Tax on sale for 29.99 add their Sat only deals to your list and you have the perfect combo.

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