Shaw Canada: Back To School Internet & TV Offers

17 August 2013

Shaw Canada has started their back to school offers for students. They are offering high-speed 25 internet for just $22.45 a month (reg $65) for eight months, which is the best deal I have found, as well as your choice of two TV offers.

Shaw is offering the lowest price per month for internet if you are a student. Enjoy Internet 25 for just $22.45 a month, which is $7.55 cheaper than Telus' offer that I posted about yesterday. However, the comparison isn't quite as cut and dried as that. Telus is offering a $50 Visa card which makes up part of the difference, for 6.6 months. Then, the Shaw offer becomes better. Over eight months you will save $10.40 with Shaw's internet offer, not including taxes. The taxes matter though, because you are only getting taxed on $22.45 instead of $30, which is Telus' price for the same package.

There is also something else to factor in. If you just need internet for eight months and no more (say you are renting near campus or something), then the Shaw offer overall is better. For us, we will be getting rid of our land line internet altogether once I graduate and I will just tether to my phone as 2GB of extra data only costs me $25 as opposed to a full internet package. However, if you need internet for longer than eight months, then you will want the Telus package because it lasts for twelve months and thus you will get extra savings from not having to pay for those extra months of a bigger internet package.

That is a comparison of the Telus vs. the Shaw internet offers. There is one more factor to consider of course: television. Telus does not offer a nice little student discount on cable, so that might play a huge factor in which provider you use. If you need cable as well, you should probably go Shaw. They have two deals:

  • Personal TV $29.95/month for eight months (reg. $39.90)
  • Premier TV $39.95/month for eight months (reg. $89.90)

There are few advantages to being a student, but lower internet and cable prices are one of them. Be sure to take advantage of these offers. Student offer is only valid to full-time students with a valid student ID for 2013/2014.

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