How To Encourage Independent Feeding Skills

Handy Way To Eat Independently

I totally love this award winning gadget for babies ages 6 months and up that allows them to try new foods and eliminates potential risks of choking on larger pieces of food. The Food Feeder plus also allows baby to try new tastes and textures in an independent manner. (This promotes self feeding!) The snap-lock closure is adult-friendly and kid safe. I love that baby will feel happy to be feeding themselves, while parents and caregivers hands remain freed up.

You can also use this with frozen foods, for the ideal teether!

The Food Feeder plus is on sale for $12.99 and the reg. price is $18.99.

Talk about piece of minds for parents and caregivers! I remember giving my kids Farly biscuits and they were great for being soft and chewy - they easily dissolved. This also meant though, that big pieces would break off in their mouths. I would think the design on this would allow items such as that.

The Food Feeder Plus is composed of flexible medical grade silicone. It's on sale for $12.99 down from $18.99, and you can purchase it in 4 different colours. It's on clearance and is hard to find elsewhere. There are mesh bags around that offer up a similar concept but truthfully seem very messy and would be difficult to wash and dry in a safe manner for baby.

Shipping is around $11.40 for one, as this item does not quality for the free shipping if you spend over $50. If you order around 4, shipping increases minimally, up to around $13. Shipping is a bit pricey on an item like this, but no matter what I placed in the cart (tried to spend over $5o for their free shipping on other products), this item will always be charged for shipping.

I think it's well worth it for the amount of use your baby will get out of it, and for peace of mind for you!

(Deal expiry: Unknown.)

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