Ring Central Canada: Free 30 Day Trial Of Fax Service - Get Your Faxes Online, Anywhere

If you have a business and don't use this 30 Day free trial of Ring Central's Fax Service, you're a jerk!

Ring Central is awesome. They are a phone system in the cloud. You don't need to pay for a PBX or for multiple phone lines from the phone company. You don't even have to worry about insanely expensive service calls. Ring Central does it all, and they do it in the cloud for less. But, part of a phone system is a fax machine, and what kind of cloud phone service provider would Ring Central be if they offered all of this and still required you to use an O.G. fax machine?

The answer is: a pretty crappy one. So, with Ring Central's fax service, you can send your faxes from anywhere and get them from anywhere. They have apps, outlook integration, electronic signatures, security features and more. They will even give you a local or toll-free fax number.

There are tons of features, way too many for me to go over here, so make sure you check out that link to get your free trial and learn more about the awesome service they provide. Plans start at $7.99/month for up to 500 pages.

(Expires: Unknown)


  • Steven
    Not loving being called a 'jerk' for not participating in this offer! Really Shawn? Really Anna?
    • Shawn M.
      Everyone except for you. I should have mentioned that in the post. I've been calling people Jerks and other things forever on here. It's all in good fun. Normally I add a comment afterwards saying I'm sorry and that I didn't mean it. Not always though as is evidenced above. In any event, sorry if I offended you. Didn't mean to! Bargainmoose loves you!
  • Kathie
    Anyone know how this compares with eFax?

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