Ride Away With This Little Tikes 4 N 1 Trike For $64.88 @ Walmart.ca

Ride Away With This Little Tikes Trike

Ok, I am a little jealous. I paid more than $100 for a similar tricycle for my child's birthday! But you can buy this one for just $64.88 from Walmart.ca.

This tricycle is great because it grows with your child from ages 9-36 months. At stage 1, it is as fully parent-controlled but with the switch of a button, Stages 2 and 3 encourage the child to learn to pedal. By stage 4, mom and dad can let go entirely and watch the wee one pedal away on all on her own. Sniff.

I love the sunshade and built in storage on this tricycle. The basket would be great for carrying my child's 34,5683 favorite stuffed animals to and from the park.

Unfortunately only the pink model is currently on sale, but shipping is free.

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