Where to Buy Unicorn Fingerlings in Canada

Fingerlings Unicorn $19.97

Know anyone still looking for these? The Fingerlings Unicorns are back in stock at a couple of different stores, and Toys R Us Canada even has them on sale! They usually sell for $24.99 each, but you can order one for only $19.97!

Fingerlings Toy Monkeys were by far some of the most popular toys of 2017, and Gigi the Baby Unicorn was one of the most elusive Fingerlings of all. Plus, Toys R Us Canada actually has her back in stock and on sale for $19.97, down from $24.99!

They all love chasing rainbows, and they love hanging around with you, too – literally! Each one responds to noise, motion and touch, and they'll definitely add a little bit of magic to playtime!

Mastermind Toys also has the Unicorn Fingerlings, but they're full price. When you're shopping there, just make sure you select the colour you want before you check out.

If you're looking for any of the other Fingerlings, you might have some luck spotting them in stock! Check out our list of Where to Buy Fingerlings Toy Monkeys for all the latest sales!


  • Gemma L.

    Ok, I've seen monkey ones of these in shops. What do they do? Is this the sole function, they just wrap around your finger?

    • Amanda D.

      Like a fur real pet but a monkey/unicorn there is play structures you can buy for them (monkey bars and such..) pencil gripper lol just another fad toy

  • Cheryl S.

    Didn’t u mean to use the pointer finger?

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