Best Buy Canada: $10 Off 2 Nintendo 3DS Games

16 September 2014


Shop now at Best Buy to save on Nintendo 3DS games. For a limited time, you get a $10 discount with purchase of two Nintendo 3DS games valued at $34.99 each or more.

Let's face it, when you own any kind of video console of handheld device, you don't just buy one game. Typically, one is bought either as soon as one is released or even as soon as one gets boring. So although you will be spending a little more in one shot by getting 2 or more games, this is an opportunity for saving in the long-term... or short term depending on how often you buy games! Another major plus is that you won't have to check out numerous times if you want to take advantage of this discount on the purchase of games or more. I added Super Smash Bros four times to my shopping cart to see if the discount would work and a $20 price reduction was indeed awarded.

Speaking of which, Super Smash Bros is definitely a game that you should consider pre-ordering right now as you most likely won't get it on sale anytime soon. It is set to be released in a little over two weeks on October 3rd 2014 and is the next instalment in a series of games by the same title that were originally released in 1999. Plus, by pre-ordering this game and getting another one, you will have time to finish the latter, to then move on to the former once it is delivered to your order in October!

A game I would recommend is definitely Super Mario Bros 2. It' $34.99 and is in the same game style as the old Super Mario games that most of us have grown up with and have fond memories of! In fact, here's what someone had to say about it on Amazon's site:

Compared to the first NSMB for both the Wii, and DS, I found this one just slightly more difficult in terms of gameplay, and finding all the secrets. It still went by far too quickly and easily for myself, and other family members.

Since Best Buy automatically ships all orders over $25 for free, you're sure to get both games (or more) for free as well.

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