Sears Meddles In The Quebec-Canada Issues With Their Canada Day Flyer

Sears Meddles In The Quebec-Canada Issues With Their Canada Day Flyer


We noticed a lot of unhappy chappies on Sears' Facebook page, who were annoyed at the lack of patriotism in the Sears Flyer for Canada Day in Quebec. They've used the Fleur-de-Lis instead of the Maple Leaf. The fleur-de-lis is a symbol that has been used to represent French royalty - what does that have to do with Canada Day? Sears Canada's Facebook page has been loaded with angry comments regarding their Canada Day Flyer. Why would Sears want to alienate Quebec even more so? Why would they meddle in the Quebec-Canada issues? Or do you think this was an honest mistake and mix up with John The Baptiste day.

I wonder why Sears Canada would advertise Canada Day in Quebec like this? Why would Quebec be the only province where they don't display the maple leaf? Many Sears customers have presented their shock by commenting on the Sears Canada Facebook page. With over 25 angry customer comments on their Facebook page alone, I thought I would ask what you Moosers thought about the issue.

Here are some of the comments from the Sears Canada Facebook page:

I was just looking at your Canada Day sale advertising for Quebec and the rest of Canada, I found it shameful and disrespectful to have the fleur de lys instead of the maple leaf. I guess you lost a customer who lives in Quebec but is Canadian.

Another upset customer comment:

You should not meddle in the Quebec-Canada issues by printing a Quebec flag on Canada day sale. Not going to Sears any more and I will tell others not to. #SearsnotsoCanadian

I am especially surprised that Sears Canada has not answered any of their upset customers - even though they have posted on Facebook less than 7 hours ago and some of the unhappy customers commented over 2 days ago. Upon looking on the Sears website now though, the online flyers seem to be the same in QC and the rest of the country, so maybe they have changed them since a few people spoke out about it, but we are not entirely sure on that.

Do you Moosers think it seems almost hypocritical for Sears Canada to boast that they are "Proudly Canadian for over 60 years"? What is your opinion on this whole matter, and how does this affect Quebec-Canadians? Tell us in the comments below.


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    Our original intent was to mark two great celebrations that take place in the province of Quebec one week apart from each other. Unfortunately, the published result was not what we had hoped to accomplish. We apologize to any of our customers who may have been offended. Bill John Brugada Internet Team Sears Customer Service Center 1-888-473-2772