Teens Can Get a FREE GoodLife Membership

Now maybe you can tempt them to stay off the couch this summer
Teens Can Get a FREE GoodLife Membership

If you want to keep your older kids off the couch this summer, I have good news: the GoodLife Teen Fitness Program is back! For the last few years, GoodLife Fitness has offered free gym memberships for teenagers across Canada, and registration for this year's passes is still open. It's absolutely free to sign up, and the memberships are valid until September, so you really have nothing to lose.

According to Statistics Canada, most kids and teens in Canada don't meet the daily recommended activity requirements. GoodLife started Teen Fitness to motivate young people to get out and be more active.

The program is open to teens between 12 and 17 years old. A GoodLife Teen Fitness membership is valid all summer long, for seven days a week between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM. And remember, it's FREE!

How to sign up for GoodLife Teen Fitness

1. Choose a GoodLife location

When you head to the Teen Fitness website and hit the "Register Here" button, you'll be redirected to a map of all GoodLife location across the country. Enter the name of a gym near you or select one from the map.

2. Fill in the "Parent Information" section

Once you pick a location, fill in a little info about yourself. Teens can't register themselves for this program, so you'll need to complete this section and be present for the rest of the sign-up process.

You'll receive a different form here, depending on whether or not you're already a GoodLife member. Non-members must enter personal contact information, provide an emergency contact and agree to the program's terms and conditions. But you could also sign up yourself while you're at it.

3. Complete the "Teen Information" section

Next, you'll need to fill out similar information about your teen, including their home address, birthday, phone number and email. If they have their own phone, you should use their cell number.

4. Finish registration at your chosen GoodLife location

To complete the whole process, you'll need to head to the GoodLife location you selected in Step 1. Your teen will receive their membership key tag, and then they're good to go and spend the summer at the gym!

Who qualifies for the program?

The GoodLife Teen Fitness Program is open to anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 (upon registration) who lives in Canada. You don't have to be an existing GoodLife member, and neither do your kids. Just remember that teens can't register themselves. A parent or guardian must complete the form and be there to help finish the sign-up process at the gym. But after that, your teens are free to work out on their own.

When does the program start?

GoodLife Fitness puts on the Teen Fitness Program every summer. Pre-registration for 2019 memberships opened on June 4, and general registration is now open. This year's passes will all be valid until Sept. 2, 2019.

Anything else I need to know?

There are a few rules and restrictions specifically for teen members. To start, the memberships are valid seven days a week, but only between 8 AM and 4 PM (with a last check-in at 3 PM). Teens are also limited to two-hour workouts, and pools, saunas, hot yoga studios, tanning salons and some equipment are off limits.

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