Cyber Monday Deals Today: Don't Miss Out!

Cyber Monday Deals Today: Don't Miss Out!

Last Friday was Black Friday in Canada, that the 23rd November 2012. And we hope you had a fab weekend of Black Friday deals! Friday was one of our busiest days ever here on Bargainmoose, and many people were stocking up on their Christmas gifts while there were such incredible bargains available.

But the deals don't end there - today is Cyber Monday! Many of the sales have continued over the weekend, many stores are announcing new promotions now, and some stores are just starting their special sales today. Here on the Bargainmoose blog, we'll be sharing the best of the best throughout the course of the day, so make sure and stop by often to see all the Cyber Monday deals.

Email subscribers please note - don't rely on the Bargainmoose email updates - they can only go out once per day, so by the time you receive the email, many of the deals may already be expired. Just come to our site and see the deals!

We'll also be keeping the Cyber Monday dashboard up to date with all of the bargains - keep checking in on that throughout the day as well. Here are some of the hottest stores and best deals from them:


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