Comixology: Archaia Noir Sale

This isn't Archie: 17+ only, sorry kids! Comixology has some of Archaia's Noir graphic novels and individual issues on sale. Bring comics back into your life without reverting to your childhood!

There are 10 comics on sale, five graphic novels and five individual issues. I'll explain why I don't have the "before" price like I normally do after I tell you which graphic novels are on sale:

Comixology, for whatever reason, never puts the "before" price on their sales but I've been checking them out and their sales are legit. Once a sale is over, the price does go up and usually by quite a bit. They aren't shaving 25 cents off the price and calling it a sale. I did a bit of looking around in regards to this sale in specific and found similar collections by this publisher with a regular price of around $10. I would guess that you are saving $4 to $6 on each of these graphic novels and $1 to $2 on the individual issues.

I honestly haven't read any of these comics or anything else by these guys. I read through some of the synopsis's though, and they do sound very interesting and quite deserving of their ratings of 17+. These aren't the Marvel superhero comic books that a lot of us are used to.

The real beauty with Comixology is that they have apps. You can read these on your iOS or Android device as well as the Kindle Fire. I use the Comixology app on my Android Tablet and it is awesome. They have a feature where you can read the comic pane-by-pane. I have a degenerative eye disease so being able to blow up one pane to the full 10.1" size of my tablet and advance from pane to pane with a swipe or a tap is an absolute life saver.

(Expires: 13th September 2012, 11:00PM ET in North America, local evening in other regions)

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