La Senza Canada: 5 Panties For $25!

10 August 2009


La Senza Canada is offering us 5 lovely girly panties for only $25. That's $5 per panty! There are quite a lot to choose from, be they seductive black or virginal white! They sell Bikinis, Briefs, Boyshorts, Brazilians, Thongs, G-strings, Shapewear and Garter Belts!

Some panties that I like (from left to right in my image above):

I can see that this offer is available online, not sure about in-store though. It's just a shame that shipping is $9 for ordering online, I find that quite costly. Perhaps you could get 3 lady friends over, each of you choose 5 panties each, and make an order? That way you would get free shipping!

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  • Beatrice
    This sale was available in store in New Westminster, BC. Not sure if it is on elsewhere, though.
  • paula s.
    Great deal on the torpedo. I am going to cite you as source and link back for that on my cite. Thx, Paula

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