The Bay Canada: Up To 20% Off (3 Days Only)


For 3 days only this weekend (between the 26th and 28th March 2010), you can get up to 20% extra discount on your purchases from The Bay Canada! You must print out the coupon below for your discount.

For regular customers, the friends and family coupon will get you a 15% discount on most merchandise, sale price or regular price. But if you have a HBC Mastercard or a credit card, this amount can be increased to 20%. Nice!

Furniture, mattresses and small appliances however are only eligible for a 10% discount - obviously not as good a discount but still better than nothing.

(In-store only offer)


  • Avigayil
    I actually shop at the Bay alot, they have some amazing sale items. This is nice. I doubt they will allow me to combine it with a SPC card though.
    • Anna
      Not likely, but let us know if they do!

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