Home Depot Canada: Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool (8lb) Only $3.49 & Free Shipping

8 April 2015


Home Depot currently has the Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool for only $3.49 with free shipping to your home.

I have seen this deal on before, but Home Depot was out of stock at the time. Thankfully, the stock has been replenished so you can pick up the Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool for a few dollars with free shipping. I could not find this tool anywhere else in Canada, but similar tools retailed for $5 US or more. For similar tools, Canadian Tire has the Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool for $13.99 but it only handles 1.5 lbs. The Hillman Group Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool is $7.99 at Lowes.ca. the cheapest tool like this sold by Amazon Canada is the Master Magnetics 07228 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool - certified for 3 pounds - that costs $5.02.

It is important to recognize this is not your standard magnetic pick up too. This tool extends to over 24" to pick up objects in rather hard to reach places. The heavy-duty magnetic tip can lift up to 8 pounds. Your average magnetic pick up tool you might purchase at the dollar store cannot handle that kind of weight.

The little tool also has a cushioned grip for comfort while you are working. Now, not everyone one of these - but they do come in very handy. If you drop a screw or bold somewhere you cannot easily reach, then just use the magnetic tool to retrieve it.

When I was disassembling and reassembling my PS3, I dropped a screw into a very tight corner. Using two screwdrivers I finally managed to retrieve the screw - with some difficulty. A tool like this would have made that job a whole lot easier.

I have also dropped nails behind the headboard of my bed while hanging pictures, dropped tweezers down air vents, and lost paperclips in the abyss of my drawers. A tool like this could be quite useful for retrieving small metal items.

The device also has a little pen clip for hooking on your belt while you work. That way you never have to find the tool that is going to help you find your lost screw.

I figured that for $3.49 with free shipping, this is a handy little tool.

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  • Sandy
    Awesome deal, I have just bought one for stuffing hubby's stocking this Christmas (I know, rather early...but could not pass it up)
  • Tracy
    Thanks for the great deal and perfect suggestion Sandy! Bought two - one for my husbands stocking and one for my sons!

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