Canadian Tire: Up To $300 Free Gift Cards On Outdoor Furniture!

Spring is here, and summer is well on the way, and it’s brightening up my moods! A little bit of sunlight never hurt anyone. Well, except Dracula.

If you fancy some new outdoor furniture to spruce up your patio, check out this deal from good old Canadian Tire. If you buy some new patio furniture there, they will reward you with some free gift cards for future purchases.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Spend $299.99-399.99 & receive $75
  • Spend $400-499.99 & receive $100
  • Spend $500-699.99 & receive $150
  • Spend $700-899.99 & receive $200
  • Spend $900 or more & receive $300


As you can see, the deal does not apply to every single piece of garden furniture, just certain collections. You must make your purchases before the 22nd of May 2009, and send in the mail in rebate before the 22nd of June 2009. Pretty nifty offer if you need some new furniture anyway!


Have a browse on the website for some bargains – simply stick the name of the range in the search box. Some examples right now:


This 5-Pc Kingsley Conversational Set is only $249.99 (search for 88-1229-4). I have pictured it to the top right. If you bought that, you’d get a $75 Canadian Tire gift card for your troubles. Alternatively, you could mix and match various pieces on special offer. For example, the Kingsley Full Cushion Chair (search for 88-1219-8) is priced at only $31.50. If you were to buy a set of 4 or 6 of those, you could buy a little table separately. I have pictured this patio chair to the left. Looks comfy!

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