Custom Design Your Own Personalized Xbox Wireless Controller $100 @ Microsoft

Custom Design Your Own Personalized Xbox Wireless Controller $100 @ Microsoft

Imagine designing, then creating a customized, personalized Xbox Wireless Controller. Microsoft has created an amazing online design lab for people who are into Xbox and PC games (the vast majority of people?!) and there are over 8 million colour combinations available to design your own customized Xbox Wireless Controller that's compatible with Xbox One and Windows 7/8.1/10!

The controllers start at $100 and go up to $115 if you add personalized laser etching to it. Shipping is free! The regular cost of a basic controller is around $55 to $75 at Best Buy (as an example.) For an additional $45, this truly is a decent price for such an elaborate upgrade.

This will definitely being on the top of a gamer's Christmas wish list!

The designer studio is a user-friendly website that all ages can use for designing an Xbox Wireless Controller creation.

Here's a couple of samples of what you can design; I had my daughter and son each design one. They enjoyed clicking through various choices and loved being able to see what their controller would look like as they added and changed choices with a click of the mouse!

My daughter's picks:

If you want to design the same one, just go with this colour scheme!

My son's picks:

To get this one, use these shades:

My husband got into the fun as well, he figured a 'Batman' black and yellow design would be pretty cool, and I agree.

Shipping is free on these controllers!


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