Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Want to know where to buy Hatchimals? Then stay tuned to this list, because we're posting all the latest deals and stock updates on Hatchimals in Canada!

Since Hatchimals became the toy two years ago, there have been all different types of Hatchimals created and hatched. And with Easter just a week away, these little critters could get even harder to find – so I wouldn't wait if you find the one you want in stock!

In general, you can find Hatchimals almost anywhere toys are sold, including Chapters Indigo, Walmart Canada, The Bay, Mastermind Toys, Well.ca and Toys R Us Canada. Prices can vary, so we dug around to find the absolute best deals out there!


Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Prices are pretty consistent for the full-size Hatchimals right now, but you'll save a couple bucks if you buy yours at Chapters! They have two new creatures for $74.95 each (instead of the usual $79.99 you'll see elsewhere).

I also just spotted the Hatchimals Fabula Forest Puffato on sale for $71.99 (from $79.99) at The Bay! And if you're looking for more of a collectors' item, Walmart.ca has the exclusive Hatchimals Golden Lynx for $79.97 each!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Where to Buy Hatchimals in Canada (2018 Update)

Looking for something a little more affordable? Hatchimal CollEGGtibles are some of the hottest collectibles out there right now. These miniature eggs "hatch" to reveal surprise creatures, and Amazon.ca has a bunch of them on sale!

Don't forget to grab a Hatchimals Hatchery Nursery Playset ($29.97 from $34.99) or Hatchimals Secret Scene Playset ($29.97 from $34.99) to go with them!

Shipping costs will vary by store, so make sure you check those out before you buy.


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  • Sheila C.

    Omg! Elsie would love these!

    • Sheila C.

      She breeds dinosaurs on the iPad and waits all day for them to hatch! :see_no_evil::joy:

      • payblogg

        i bought the Hatchimals from amazon , i found it in good deal from here www.amazon.com/h7u

        but my son asked me to buy him one as well , now i donot know what to do 

      • Jules A.

        Amazing toy, but why so expensive?? My goodness.

        • Suzette W.

          Cute idea....my niece would love these but a little pricey :confused:

          • Peggy B.

            Just got two - kids will love love love hihi I want one!

            • LeLe

              Odd - I've been trying to preorder with Walmart but it's not working - anyone else having this problem??

              • Tasher R.

                Insanely expensive

                • Gina N.

                  Sears' price is up to 84.99, not the 64.99 unfortunately

                  • Bargainmoose

                    Hi Gina, the teal Hatchimal is on for $74.99, and there is a black friday coupon for an additional $10 off

                    • Gina N.

                      cool! i will try to put it in the cart and see what happens. Thanks for the fast reply :)

                      • Yumi J.

                        Gina - where did you find the Hatchimals on the Sears website? I can't seem to find it even when doing a search?

                        • Gina N.

                          Yumi Johnson http://www.sears.ca/product/hatchimals-interactive-pengualas-teal/616-000361733-6034332

                        • Lindsay K.

                          Walmart won't let you buy online gives an error to say there's no shipping date but it does say in stock?! Sears is showing 84.99 before coupon

                          • Maureen H.

                            Wow the price , pretty expensive I think these are a miss .

                            • Kirsten K.

                              Too expensive. The price will crash in a few months.

                              • Natalie C.

                                69 at sears online...still a lot but better than 89

                                • KaylaS

                                  For some reason the price of these Hatchimals is better in the Sears Canada Wish book. On page 134 all four colors are available and listed at $74.99. Also, if you apply the code: WISH10, that is available in the front of the Wish book, that gives 10% off your entire order, excluding items ending in $0.88, $0.94 & $0.97. That means that this Hatchimals price is still eligible for the discount, so with an extra $7.50 off the $74.99 price tag the total cost should come to  just around $67.50.

                                  • Hype

                                    These are worth the money, they are meant to interact with kids for days and weeks after Christmas. Once they see there friends with one they will want it for Christmas. If you have 2 kids, buy 4 of these, 2 to keep and 2 to sell. You will be able to give you kids great gifts and it won't cost you anything :)

                                    • Anna1

                                      that's a pretty rotten thing to do.

                                      • MAW2

                                        I agree Anna! That is actually the problem with this world and it's peopl like Hype that just think of themselves and ruin it for everyone. My SINGLE MOM cousin with 4 kids who is desperate to get one for her autistic daughter can't find any and the ones she can find, are being sold by ppl like Hype who have made it unaffordable! EBay and amazon are selling for 300 + dollars! Shameful people!


                                        • TrulyWished

                                          Suck it up. You know why they are so expensive on eBay?? Because people like you who spoil their children to death bid it up. Your kid will live with the crushing disappointment of not getting one for Xmas - it's called life. Try teaching your kid not be an entitled brat. BTW, the reviews all say they lose interest in a.couple of weeks. It's just a furby in an egg.

                                          • Kingtut

                                            Dont give us the poor autistic daughter..she has 4 kids and single mom..so she deserves a hatchimal  BS...you can afford a board game...not a ferrari..wake up sister

                                            And best thing for my kids as a single dad is to go shovel snow and bake things to put food on the table and pay rent...then volunteer at the food kitchen..this builds character not wasting time w a fake pet and laziness

                                        • Conky

                                          You are a piece of shit and are the reason children all over the world will be having crying fits Christmas morning... good job

                                        • Hype

                                          These are worth the money, they are meant to interact with kids for days and weeks after Christmas. Once they see there friends with one they will want it for Christmas. If you have 2 kids, buy 4 of these, 2 to keep and 2 to sell. You will be able to give you kids great gifts and it won't cost you anything :)

                                          • KaylaS

                                            Walmart is completely OUT OF STOCK (as usual) of all 5 Hatchimal types and LondonDrugs has Draggle and Penguala listings both on sale for the $79.99 price from $84.99, but once you click on the listing there is no ability to add it to your cart and the listing just states 'available soon,' which is quite unhelpful for most of us. However, if they finally become available, LD is running a $25 off your $100 order promotion when using MasterPass, so those additional savings could make this deal well worth it for some!

                                            • Eryn

                                              KaylaS has done extensive research and is spot on! :) Currently London Drugs does not have the Hatchimal in stock, but you may purchase other toys in stock at London Drugs and save $25 off of $100. You can see more info. right here: http://bit.ly/2dWE4V4 Good luck, KaylaS in your Hatchimal hunt!

                                              • KaylaS

                                                Thanks, Eryn! I use a VISA but thought I would check out Masterpass, just in case it was like VISA Checkout, where you can sign up with and use ANY credit or debit cards and sure enough, you can!  Hopefully I'll be able to use this nice discount in the near future and on a hatchimal as I think this deal goes for a couple months ;)

                                                • Eryn

                                                  Thanks for your comments! We agree it's nice to be able to sign up for Masterpass and Visa Checkout with any credit card and even debit cards. Fingers crossed the hatchimals arrive soon at London Drugs.

                                                  • MadCap

                                                    Shorted by the vendor.  Doubt they'll be available before Christmad.

                                            • Alliz

                                              I SOO badly want to get burtle for my daughter......but I cannot order online and they are not in stores :( 

                                              • HeatherR

                                                Even though it says online they are not in stock in stores, i was at our local Walmart today and they had lots of Hatchimals, including the Burtle.  My husband was visiting a different province and said there were lots at the Walmart he was in as well.

                                                • Eryn

                                                  Thanks for your comments, HeatherR! Good to know! :)

                                              • Jyz

                                                just got a penguala from sears with 10% coupon code...came to 67.50 plus tax. Free shipping to stores also. Good luck to you all!

                                                • Eryn

                                                  Thank you for your comments, we have updated the blog to reflect the savings you mention. :) Free in-store pickup is fantastic, agree!

                                                  • Eryn

                                                    Edited: That pricing at Sears was short lived, by this morning Sears raised their pricing thus the price with coupon code is now $76.49. 

                                                  • SammiB

                                                    I can't figure out how to get the 67.50. Online they are 84.99 at sears then 10% off is still 74.99 plus tax :(

                                                  • Erin A.

                                                    Is anyone else having trouble with this deal? Even with the code it's coming up at $76.

                                                    • Krysta W.

                                                      Lol still a ridiculous price imo. Lol

                                                      • Kristen F.

                                                        Sears increased their price so it's no longer 67.50 w the code :cry: