Walmart Boxing Day 2017!

Walmart Boxing Day 2017!

Droves of folks have been asking us what to expect from Walmart this Boxing Week and guess who's got her hands on their deals?! I'm not pointing any fingers, but I've got to say if it was me, I'd be PUMPED.

Can't wait till Boxing Day? Shop clearance online now!

Here are a few of the deals that stood out for me:

  • DVDs and Blu-rays for $5.98 - $13.94
  • Assorted Playstation 4 or X-Box One Software $29.96
  • Slowcookers for $24
  • Kettles, Hand Blenders, and Waffle Makers for $19
  • Toasters and Coffee Makers for $10
  • Google Chromecast $35 each
  • Samsung 55" LED Smart TV for $698
  • iPad Air 2 (32 GB) for $478

Deals for the kids (if you want to get a head start on birthdays):

  • LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box $39.97 (regular $59)
  • Disney Princess Royal Dreams Castle $74.94
  • My Little Pony Squishy Pops Ferris Wheel Set $10 (regular $19.98)
  • Nerf Doomlands Double Dealer Blaster $29.86 (regular $64.86)
  • Num Noms Jelly Bean Gift Box or Art Case $10 (regular $24.94-$26.94)

Up to 50% off:

  • All Christmas Indoor and Outdoor Decor, Trees, Kitchen and Bath, Sheets or Pre-Wrapped Gifts
  • Girls' Dresses (selected styles)
  • Family Sleepwear (selected styles)
  • Family Novelty Slippers (selected styles)
  • All Correll Open Stock Dinnerware

Up to 40% off:

  • Family Sweaters (selected styles)
  • Ladies' Dresses (selected styles)
  • Family Outwear (selected styles)

Up to 30% off:

  • Family Winter Boots (selected styles)
  • Selected Lego Sets (regular $12.86-$149.86)
  • Selected Appliances

Deals are going to start rolling out as of December 24th at noon EST so mark your calendars. In line with holiday tradition at my house, it'll be put turkey in oven, followed by four hours of me scoping out the deals online.

If you want to be in-the-know on Walmart Boxing Day deals and other top retailers, be sure to bookmark our Boxing Day deals page.


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