Social Media Works! Loblaws Will Sell French's Ketchup After Boycott Threats!

Social Media Works! Loblaws Will Sell French's Ketchup After Boycott Threats!

So I am sure you have all heard about the big ketchup gossip lately. Long story short, Heinz pulled out of using Leamington tomatoes which put hundreds of jobs at loss. French's stepped up to the plate and decided to push their own ketchup—using Leamington's tomatoes of course. This caused quite an uproar! Canadian's quickly started to boycott Heinz and purchase French's ketchup instead.

After all that, Loblaws was pressured by Heinz and decided to pull the French's version of ketchup off their shelves. Using social media as their platform the people have taken action, even a Liberal MPP threatened to boycott against Loblaws for the decision to delist the Ontario-made French's ketchup. What?! I was astonished when I read that. I know I shared a few posts on Facebook about the ordeal, and it seems that the grocery giant has listened. Loblaws has stated:

"We will re-stock French's ketchup and hope that the enthusiasm we are seeing on the media and on social media translates into sales of the product. We will work with French's to make sure we are in-stock as soon as possible."

This change of heart seemed to occur just hours after MPP Mike Colle announced that he was more than prepared to lead a boycott of Loblaws until they decided to reverse the refusal of French's ketchup in their stores.

It seems the ketchup fiasco has come to a close though. Loblaws will be selling French's ketchup yet again, and we will have the option to choose the brand we prefer.

So, Moosers... French's or Heinz?


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  • Carrie L.

    I heard that French's wasn't selling too well at Loblaws, good that they are trying again. And with cost of living often it's a matter of what is on sale or which products have coupons. Perhaps French's should send out coupons

    • funky

      I'm definitely going to be trying the French's! Sounds like a good plan to me.

      • CuteSavings

        I am proud to say we have French's in our fridge right now!

      • Ken W.

        Can't close down loblaws they only competition is Walmart . sobeys would Jack all food prices up . cause u have no other place to go

        • Daphne R.

          I did buy a bottle of French's ketchup to try but I prefer the taste of Heinz.

          • Sandra M.

            Yup, Canadian grown and made... Keep it home!

            • Shelley H.

              Went to Metro today to get French's ketchup!

              • Lisa N.

                So you would boycott a store that employs your neighbours because they discontinued selling a product that was not selling well. You do realize that if there is a lack of business or a slow down then the employees,who have nothing to do with products being sold will be laid off and could potentially lose their jobs.

                • Laura D.


                  • Karen S.

                    Exactly Lisa, well said!

                  • Karen S.

                    OMG it's Ketchup, really? No I would not boycott a store for that idiotic reason.

                    • Lisa N.

                      I know, right. I understand that it is jobs for the farmers because they supply the tomatoes used in the ketchup but it's processed and bottled in Ohio so aside from the farmers and migrant workers making money this has zero impact on the Canadian economy

                      • Karen S.

                        Precisely, boycotting only puts employees jobs at risk.

                      • Laurie M.


                        • Suzette W.

                          It's just ketchup seriously

                          • Ushanta P.

                            I have never tried french's but now I am tempted so this is definitely a marketing gimmick!!!

                            • eyesrollin

                              Gasp, social media and politicians patting themselves on the back for such a "cause". Too bad they aren't as patriotic when it comes to everything else they could buy, that's made here, but choose not too.

                              • Dallas D.

                                Nope the east won't support Canadian oil so I won't support eastern ketchup!

                                • Richard V.

                                  Still prefer the taste of heinz

                                  • Christopher T.

                                    I have never taseted French;