LEGO Hunting Secrets That Will Save You Money!

LEGO Hunting Secrets That Will Save You Money!

When purchasing LEGO, for ease of scouting out a specific set, LEGO has assigned each set a model number. There are several major Canadian retailers selling LEGO.

This post will make it very easy for you to order the LEGO sets that YOU want, because now you can perform quick searches using the links below that take you directly to the LEGO section of each retailer! All you have to do is enter the model number (or name, if you prefer) of the set you're looking for, then compare prices. This will prove to be an invaluable tool for you to use over and over again, so you may want to bookmark this page.


The LEGO on-line retailer links below are in alphabetical order:

When you click on each retailer link, it takes you directly to their LEGO selection. Simply type in your LEGO model # (or name) of the LEGO set that you are seeking and you will be able to quickly find the best LEGO price for that particular model. We will also keep this thread up to date and alert you of sales and promotions that are good to get in on!

  • is a popular retailer for Lego. They offer free shipping over $25. Otherwise, shipping tends to start at around $6 or so.

Looking to start with a basic set? This LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box - 10698 is selling for $60, down from $72. When comparing it to The Lego Store Canada, also selling it for $60, you would receive the free shipping from

  • Chapters Indigo is a LEGO retailer, offering an easy way to refine your search for LEGO. They also offer Plum points (their customer reward program) or a variety of promotions at times. Shipping is free on orders over $25, or, free in-store pickup with no minimum. Shipping generally starts at around $7 or so.

Chapters Indigo even carries exclusive LEGO sets, such as this Indigo Exclusive LEGO Ninjago Jay Walker One 70731 available only at Chapters Indigo, for $49.95.

Currently, Indigo has a sale of 20% off selected LEGO Friends, City, & Duplo! It runs until June 5, 2016. This LEGO Duplo Mickey's Workshop is on sale for only $20, down from $25.

  • The LEGO Store Canada - These guys have, hands down, the largest selection of LEGO available in Canada. No wonder - they are after all, the official retailer of LEGO products. They offer free shipping on orders over $75, as well as VIP Treatment:Earn 1 VIP Point for every $1 you spend online or at the LEGO® Store. Once you reach 100 VIP Points, you will receive a $5 reward!

Here are some great deals at The Lego Store Canada that are being offered right now, we highlighted some deals in a recent post on Bargainmoose.

  • Mastermind Toys Canada is a LEGO retailer that also has a large selection of LEGO sets. On orders over $60, you will be provided with a $15 credit to use toward shipping, so you may select standard or express if you want to.

At this point of writing, there appears to be no LEGO sets at Mastermind that are on sale, we will keep an eye on this post, and update as sales come up!

Edited June 1, 2016: Mastermind Toys Canada has just introduced NEW LEGO sets - Star Wars, DC Comics, LEGO City, Disney, LEGO DuPlo, and more!

  • Toys R Us states that they have the largest selection of LEGO available in Canada, excluding LEGO brand retails stores. They also have an orderly way of categorizing their Lego, you will find the refined searches easy to use. Shipping at Toys R Us varies depending on the current promotions. Generally though, shipping is sometimes free if you spend over $49, or there will be a $10 off shipping promo on selected items. Some Toys R Us stores offer free in-store pickup in under 2 hours. Toys R Us also has an exclusive line of LEGO available for purchase through them, only.

This LEGO Duplo - Forest: Ducks is an exclusive set selling for only $12.99, and it's so cute!

  • carries a large selection of Lego, and they offer free shipping on items over $50, (otherwise shipping starts at around $6) You may also opt to pick up your order at your closest Canada Post retailer, or Grab and Go Walmart location (if available) and it is free on orders over $25 to do so, or, if you don't meet that threshold you will be charged a $5 service fee.

Sometimes, as you know, Lego retires sets, never to return again. This LEGO Super Heroes - X-Men vs. The Sentinel @ is a retired set that is still available at for $50, from $59.86, but has since sold out on the official LEGO Canada on-line store.

Additional LEGO Info.

The Lego Store Canada has a 'Bricks & Pieces' service you can visit online if you have missing bricks, broken bricks or need to buy replacement brick pieces. They ask info. such as your age, the model set, what brick you are missing (thankfully they have photos of each piece) and what's wrong with it so that quality control can ensure this doesn't happen again. It looks as though small replacement bricks are free and should arrive in around 10-14 days. We had one brick in one of our sets that was dog-eared; it didn't seem to snap back on properly on the ends anymore. I sent the message along to the team using the on-line form from the link above. When using the form, make sure you enter your postal code with a space. Even though they ask for your 'State' on the form, they do recognize the Canadian Provinces. It was a quick and easy procedure. I then saw a message on the next screen that loaded:

  • Lose your building instructions? Don't worry, The LEGO Store Canada has you covered, with downloadable PDF instructions! You can print them or keep them on your pc or tablet to view.
  • Your child will want to join the LEGO Club and it's free to do so! It's designed for LEGO fans who are 5-9 years old. You can subscribe your child to the free LEGO Club Magazine and access the safe & secure LEGO Club website.
  • Where to store LEGO: You can purchase LEGO 'Bricks' or LEGO 'heads' in a bright sun-shiny yellow colour or LEGO zipper storage bags. (At the end of the day, it's whatever works best for you and your kids! It could even be as simple as an old rolling carry-on suitcase!)
  • Where to store AND play with LEGO: You will find a great idea for a fun and useful LEGO play and storage mat, here, in a recent post on Bargainmoose. Don't forget, there are also gorgeous LEGO tables on the market, that have a LEGO base on the entire table top, and storage drawers for LEGO underneath. Talk about hours of fun!
  • How to create with Lego: The Lego Ideas Book is the same price at Chapters Indigo, and Both retailers include free shipping on this book that is sure to guide you through a creative mix of ideas that will strike a LEGO designer chord in you.
  • Visit the link below, then click on, just under "Popular help topics", to view the answer to the question, How are LEGO toys made? I was surprised to learn that the first paragraph wasn't a fabrication - it almost reads like it is, initially, then the more you read, you realize - LEGO is such a massive industry, the story is true!

I was so fascinated by the LEGO creation process, I had to look up a video for it, too. Enjoy this! 4 minutes into the video, you will want to see a very cool job indeed! In one of our Bargainmoose posts, we discussed the inventors behind The Big Bang Theory Lego Set. Could you do that job, would you want to? Let us know in the comments!


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