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4 May 2016
Because Stepping On Lego Really Hurts! $12!

When is the last time you had a Lego brick practically embedded in your foot as you stepped on it, while it was successfully hiding in the shag carpet? You still remember that experience, don't you? How many of you recall scooping up handfuls of Lego over and over again, to 'help' your kids clean up, while kneeling on a few Lego pieces during the process? (Didn't it totally feel like you were getting a knee implant while totally conscious?) Yup—been there, done that. We all have! It's a passage of rites that all parents go through.

This Toy Storage Bag Play Mat is such a great idea! You can use it for a lot of things, but the first thing that comes to my mind is definitely Lego. The kids can even see the Lego pieces better than on other surfaces, and when (sadly) gone are the days when the kid used to love to 'see who could clean up faster' as a game, you will really enjoy this convenient bag because the kids simply open it, play with the toys on the mat, then close it up again.

The mat is large, click on the link to see! It's 150 cm in diameter, which is 4.9 feet across, for those of you like me who, even though you grew up with the Metric system, still understand the Imperial system better. (Unless we are talking in KM for driving. Metric system is best then, in my books.)

Share this link with other parents, if only to spare them the pain of stepping or kneeling on another Lego.

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