How to File your Taxes in Five Minutes!

How to File your Taxes in Five Minutes!

It's time to get yourself some Canadian tax software, so you can finally throw away the old pen and paper routine. Who needs the mind-numbing sensation of returning to the land of grade-school mathematics?!

I just figured out a way to do my taxes in less than five minutes. Insane, right?

It's still a little early to submit your taxes, but you can get a head start by transferring your CRA information to TurboTax now. Here's all you need to do to get a head start:

  1. Download SnapTax on your Android or iOS device or open your TurboTax account online on your personal computer.
  2. Click the '"Your Tax" option on the home menu
  3. Launch the CRA "My Account" sign-in page and log-in with you user ID and TurboTax will securely download all of the available information
  4. Then, you can simply check off which information you want TurboTax to use so they have all your most current information on-file for when you want to upload the rest come tax filing time.

When you finally start getting your T-forms together in the mail or e-mailed from your employer(s) you can simply snap a picture of them and upload them directly (without having to fill anything out).

Easy peasy! Check our TurboTax Canada Coupons Pagefor discounts and coupon codes for Canadian Tax Software, too! They'll be coming up real soon ;)

And you haven't chosen your tax software yet, check out our lists of the best free tax software and best paid tax software.


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