Twister Air Game $9 @ Amazon

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Twister Air Game $9 @ Amazon

The Twister Air Game was one of the top toys for Christmas 2023 and was a huge seller even at full price but now it's dropped to the lowest price we have ever seen it! Snap it up for just $9 with free Prime delivery at Amazon.

Twister Air Game

This new family game is a twist on the classic game as this time you can play Twister without the mat! This app-enabled game is an exciting augmented reality version that you play on a smart device. It includes 8 colourful Twister Air bands and a device stand that works for any smartphone or tablet up to 9-inches in width. Just download the app, put on the ankle and wrist bands and as the music plays players move their body to match their bands to the coloured spots on screen.

It's suitable for ages 8+.

Twister Air Game $9 @ Amazon


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