Headache? Try An Icekap For $69.99 @ Costco.ca

Headache? Try An Icekap For $69.99 @ Costco.ca

No. It isn't an Iced Capp from Tim Horton's but it might just be better if you suffer from headaches, migraines or hangovers like me. I am super intrigued to check out the Icekap Theraputics cooling and warming compress cap newly available for $69.99 at Costco.ca.

The Icekap is designed to apply heat/cold and pressure to ease the pain of a headache. It includes two sets of gel packs to surround your head in icy or hot comfort and comes in four sizes to fit any sized noggins. The IceKap normally retails for $69.99US plus shipping so Costco is the place to nab it.

While I won't be winning any fashion awards with my IceKap, I do hope that it helps take away the ouch of my headaches. Pass the champagne anyone?


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  • Susan H.

    could this solve my issues?

    • Meester H.

      Stick your head in the freezer for 5 min. Same effect

      • Noahsmum

        Odd.  I tend to get more migraines in the cold.  Just walk out in -20 or lower and that will give me one..

        • Kelsie J.

          It looks like a helmet. I'd look so cool