How to Save Money on Salon Haircuts

How to Save Money on Salon Haircuts

Women, this post is primarily for you. We all know how great it feels to have our hair professionally shampooed, cut, dyed, and dried. It makes you feel like a million dollars and can give you a spring in your step. However, we also know how COSTLY salon visits can be. Depending on your province and your salon, you are looking at a minimum $50 for a simple cut, if you are going for a dye or highlights your bill can be over $200.

That, is too expensive. However, there is no need to become a DIY-er with your own hair, if you are willing to move around a bit.

How do I reduce my hair salon expenses?

Thank goodness for group buy websites. Quite often places like Groupon, Wagjag, and others have deals on hair salons in your city. You buy the voucher, make the appointment before you forget you own the voucher, and your salon expenses have been substantially cut!

Does this work?

For the last three years I have only used vouchers for hair cuts. I get my hair cut about 3 times a year (more if I want) and have not paid full price for ages! If this can work in a city of 1 million, any city of this size or larger should be a breeze.

Ya, but...

The common issues people have with this are the following:

  • C: But I will have to travel to a different salon, and gas costs money!
  • A: The gas money you are spending is worth less than the $100 or so you are saving on your haircut.
  • C: I really like my salon, and my hair dresser. She knows exactly what I like.
  • A: So take good pictures next time you get your hair done. Then take those pictures to the next salon and tell them this is what you want done. If you love your hair dresser, take her out for coffee. It is cheaper than a full price haircut.

Where do I find these vouchers?

These vouchers are all over the place, you just need to watch for some in your own city. Here are some current deals right now:

There are many others, just check them out.

Hey Moosers, how do you save money on salon hair cuts?


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  • Kerry
    The answer is simple: go to beauty schools. I just got a $100+ hair cut at the Fiorio training school for $27. It was done by a graduate trying to complete her apprenticeship and supervised by a very experienced stylist. The result was excellent. Just remember to tip your student well!
    • Avigayil M.
      Great tip!
    • Shirley
      This may be good for the consumer but not good for the stylist, my daughter is stylist and is caught up in this and only makes $15 per haircut, and most of these patrons don't even leave a tip. Her paycheck for 2 weeks is often less than $400. Also these coupons were meant to be used only once per customer and management publishes them to build clientele. Sorry to be negative on the Bargain Moose website which provides great savings on to it's readers, but it's the truth.
      • Avigayil M.
        You bring up two very good points: 1) Tipping. I always tip if the haircut is good. Even with vouchers. For example, I tipped $20 when I used a $80 voucher on my last haircut (got full highlights!). Tipping is your way of saying good job: so if you like the job... be sure to tip. 2) Follow the rules on vouchers.. Usually they are one per person. Don't make multiple accounts or have your friends send them to you as gifts so you can get more than one. Be a wise and frugal Mooser. While $15 a haircut is a bit low, having to pay $75 a haircut is stupid. I don't mind a salon stylist making a decent wage, but $75 for a 40 min cut is ridiculous. My closest salon charges $100. Thanks for your comments!
      • Heather
        I ask for a junior stylist. I have gone to an Aveda salon where cuts are pricy, but instead of paying $40, I pay $26-$30. These junior stylists are obviously good, or they wouldn't be hired by an Aveda salon
        • Alexandra
          I would say avoid salon altogether. My stylist works from home (reduces her costs...) and I pay 17$ for a haircut. Of course, I do tip her well! And I have nicer hair than when I was paying over 40$