DIY Lunchables Hack

DIY Lunchables Hack

Get a jump on the back to school rush by pre-planning your lunch ideas for the kids. Kids quickly tire of sandwiches and parents get tired of making them. It's easier to make these home made lunchables than to make sandwiches and your kids will have fun getting involved, too.

An easy solution is 'DIY lunchables'

  1. Place fresh deli meat, or your own leftover chicken or roast beef into a small mason jar. Now add some real cheese slices. Place the metal lid on top of the jar without screwing on the metal ring.
  2. Take an individual plastic applesauce or fruit cup container that is emptied, clean and dry - fill with crackers. Tip the plastic container upside down on the jar of meat and cheese.
  3. Screw the ring on, and you have a ready to go lunch that has protein and carbs.
  4. You could also add some fresh fruit and veggies either to the lunchables jar or on the side, as well as a snack item in your child's lunch kit.

You now have a fresh, well balanced lunch for your child, plus you'll save money by preparing these yourself.

You can prepare these a couple of days in advance, since they store well in the fridge. You will want to pack the home made lunchables into a padded lunch kit to prevent breakage - along with an ice pack to keep it cool.

There are many different ideas that you can try with this lunch in a mason jar trick.

  • Milk and cereal for lunch? Sure! The milk can go in the mason jar and the cereal can go in the cup.
  • Granola placed in the dry cup pairs well with yogourt and fruit in the mason jar.
  • Chips and dips could be packed occasionally as a special treat.
  • Layered Salad - lettuce, hard boiled eggs, ham and cheese are layered into the jar. Croutons can go in the cup on top.

If you need mason jars at a reasonable price, Walmart is selling the Bernardin Decorative Mason Jar w/ Standard Lids 125 ml for $8.87 and you get 12 of them in the pack, so you can prepare a few at a time.

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Let us know what lunch combinations you and your kids come up with!


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