Christmas In July Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Christmas In July Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

It is Christmas in July here at Bargainmoose! With only 6 months until Christmas, we wanted to do a little giving ourselves. Our first winner was selected last night, but there are still 3 more prizes to be won! There will be four prizes, and four winners selected each following Friday. Here are how the prizes work:

  • Friday, July 8th: One $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Friday, July 15th: One $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Friday, July 22nd: One $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • Friday July 29th: One $100 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Prime Day is also coming up on Tuesday, July 12th - so maybe the first winner can use their gift card to shop during those deals! Or maybe you will use your contest prize to do some early Christmas shopping, or perhaps you will spoil yourself! The choice is yours, but entering the contest is simple so don't miss out.

Entering is easy, here's how:

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Want bonus entries? Here's how:

  1. Tell us in the comments below, your most embarrassing story as a parent. We would love to use these stories for a future blog post!
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Fine Print (The Rules):

  • This contest is only open to Canadian entrants, who are over the age of 18
  • Limited to one entry per household within a 24 hour period
  • Contest will be officially over on July 29th, 2016 when the final contest winner is selected
  • Winners will be selected by random draw and will be notified by the email account that they used to sign up for the newsletter with
  • You will have 24 hours to respond to our email, or another winner will be selected so be sure to keep your eyes on your email and make sure our emails don't go to your junk folder
  • Shipping will be free, but we will require your shipping address in order to get your prize to you
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion

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  • kritafo

    We were toilet shopping at a local hardware store,  they had floor model toilets all over ground level on the floor. My kids were running around the aisle while we were talking about low flush toilets (this is when they were fairly new) my daughter ran around to me and yelled that her I didn't have to worry about taking my little guy to the washroom he took care of himself.  Yes he used a floor model toilet.  The sales person was mortified I had to remind him my son was not even 3 yet. It was very hard to not burst out laughing.  I happily offered to help, needless to say we didn't buy a toilet that night and we never went back to that particular store. 

    • stargirl

      I was placing my order at a Starbucks counter and when I noticed my son was no longer at my side (he was 2 or 3), I looked around and saw him licking the display window (where they keep the muffins, etc)!

      • ringwood

        When my son was a toddler, he used to fight me tooth and nail when it came to putting on pants. One day, after a particularly frustrating time of me getting his pants half on, then him kicking them off again, I muttered under my breath, "Nigel! Just get your fu$&ing pants on!" Fast forward a few days later - we were at a moms and tots group where I knew no one. The kids were running around in their underwear as it was very hot that day, and my son decides he wants to put his pants back on...he grabs them, and at the top of his lungs yells, "Look Mummy! I'm putting my fu$&ing pants on!!!"

        • MariaKatie

          In a hurry dressing 3 kids under the age of 3 for doctors , I have put my daughters dress backward without even noticing, until in the waiting room and other mothers started to smile at me. 

          • Cecilia

            When my daughter was younger.  She saw two teenagers kissing.  Then she said very loudly, MOM, they are kissing.

            • Mitro80

              Picture this: Hubby and I are first time parents and we take our 24 hour old newborn back to the hospital for his first follow up. The nurse is running through all the standard questions: Is he eating? Sure is I answer as I beam with my proud new mama glow! Is he urinating? Yup I say. How about a bowel movement? Hum...nope haven't seen one of those yet. Well, she says, if he hasn't gone yet I think we should try a rectal suppository. Oh...well...I guess...I stutter. She opens his diaper to have a look and just that very if it was in a movie or my son was going for baby comedian of the year it happened. I mean it went EVERYWHERE...on her uniform, her clipboard, the table, his clothes, his feet...I WANTED TO     D-I-E! Of course, it's a story we laugh about now but talk about EMBARRASSED! 18 months later and Hubby is still laughing about it! I can just imagine what was going through my sons head. What? Suppository? Rectal? NO THANK YOU! Your wish is my command! Here-YA-go!     Not sure how we'll top this one but with the recent arrival of our second little guy I have a feeling there'll be many more embarrassing stories in my future! Thank you for all you do and an incredible Christmas In July Giveaway Bargain Moose! Good luck all!

              • aly3360

                i'm signed up for your daily newsletter and I look forward to it every day! 

                • duchess989

                  Already signed up, but not a parent =).

                  • Tiggrr

                    When my daughter was around 2yrs old she proudly came out of her room showing me that she had dressed herself. So off to the grocery store we went. It was when I went to put her in the front of the shopping cart that I noticed she had forgot her underwear. 

                    Fastest pair of new underwear she ever got. 

                    • Kellybee

                      While pregnant with my second child, we were at an annual pancake breakfast in our local park, that hundreds of people attend.  I suddenly couldn't find my oldest daughter, aged 2, and completely panicked, and ran around looking for her in the crowds.  I found my husband and our friends, and crying hysterically, told them I couldn't find our daughter.  They all just stood there looking at me strangely, and then I was crying harder, asking why they weren't doing anything, when my husband quietly said, "Babe.  Look down."  I had her on my hip the whole time.  Gotta love hormone-induced pregnancy brain.

                      • nicoletim2003

                        I was at Wal-Mart shortly after the birth of my son getting some nursing pads. I ran into an old friend who just happened to be working in that department. We got to talking for a bit then I got my stuff and headed to the check out. Needless to say this was in June and I had on a pastel coloured tee. Buy the time I got back to the car and flipped the visor down there were two very large wet spots on my chest. I asked my husband how long they're been there and he says shortly after we arrived. I asked (screeched) why he didn't say something. Eternal man logic "so your shirts dirty who cares". TYPICAL

                        • nillaelle

                          my eldest went through a stage when she was 2 that all she talked about was men's private parts. Needless to say it was embarrassing when we went out to eat one night and she told the waitress that was what she wanted to order

                          • ksceviour

                            I`m subscribed via email

                            • ksceviour

                              I had a lot of embarassing moments when my son was little,with all those temper tantrums in the store ;P Phew,,glad those are 

                              • ABMom

                                When my son was not quite 3, I took him to get his flu vaccine at one of those community immunization clinics in a gym. There were many stations with a nurse at each one. He was in good spirits and smiling at our nurse right up until the needle went in; at that point, in his loudest voice so the whole gym could hear, he announced, "SHE'S A POOPY HEAD!!!" All the other nurses were laughing, except for ours.

                                • larlyn

                                  standing in line at the cashier of a grocery store with a "screaming" toddler is really embarrassing. 

                                  • cottagebunny

                                    I remember one day when my little guy wasabout two and s half  the Avon lady
                                    came to the door
                                    with a delivery. I welcomed her in and she took a seat at my dining room table.My son crawled up on a chair across from her and she gave him a big cheery smile and said "oh
                                    you look so cute today".He looked at her and said "I like your pretty dress and look it's the same color as your teeth." You guessed it!! Her dress was yellow.I could have sunk right through the floor.Talk about embarrassing but when I looked over at him to see if he was being mean for whatever reason,he just had the look of  baby innocence on his face.Sometimes out of the mouths of babes comes, you know, the truth.

                                    • donnal

                                      I'm a long-time Bargainmoose newsletter subscriber.

                                      • donnal

                                        Temper tantrums in public are really embarrassing!

                                        • NenaS

                                          My sons are 11 1/2 months apart. When they were babies, my husband and I took them grocery shopping. At the time, the oldest one was 14 months and the youngest 2 months old. The older one had a meltdown because he wanted something at the store and we said "No". My husband took the older son out to calm him down. I continued to shop with the younger one. A lad approached me and complimented me on how sweet my baby was. Then she added "Aren't you happy you don't have one like that??" (Meaning my older son!) I laughed and told her "Well, that one is also mine!" The look on her face...priceless! :)