Back To School Essentials Lists @ Staples

Back To School Essentials Lists @ Staples

Staples has long been an integral part of back to school shopping for many Canadians. In-store at various Staples locations, you will find comprehensive lists of what your child will need, for your specific local schools.

Online, you can check out these lists that your kids will be needing. If shopping in-store, you'll want to print these lists out.

Here are the Staples Back To School shopping lists for all grade ranges:

Looking at the lists that Staples has provided for students, they're spot on with the school supplies that your children need to start the school year with. Purchasing before school begins will save you money, as the weekly flyers have rotating specials on various school supplies.

These lists also make an excellent addition to lists that the school may have already provided you with.

Our local Staples has a donation box set up to help local children who are in need of school supplies, your location likely will, too. You can purchase whatever school supplies that you want to, and place them in the box where they will later be distributed as needed. It's a lot of fun to purchase the really great specials to donate (You know, when they have crayons for 44 cents or so.) I also like to set aside a few of the great specials for Operation Christmas Shoebox donations.

You can get some back to school shopping done online at Staples at their online Back To School Station. It's very nicely organized, and easy to navigate. Not all specials will be able to be ordered online. For online purchasing, your order will ship free on orders over $45. This is easy to do when purchasing school supplies!

I see that you can add a Bic Atlantis pen for only 1 cent into your cart when shopping online, available while supplies last. That's amazing, considering we no longer have 1 cent currency in Canada anymore. ;)


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