6 New Uses For Old Books

6 New Uses For Old Books

If you are anything like me, you have shelves stacked with books. I never throw a book away or put it into the recycling. I just respect the book too much. I even have trouble getting rid of magazines. Some of my books, though, have seen their time and will never be read by me again. For example, What To Expect When You Are Expecting, I've expected it all, and I won't be again, so that book needs to move on. You could donate these books, which I definitely have, but many times they could be outdated or not wanted. So, what do we do? I'll give you six ways to use those old books for something new.

Turn your old books into shelves (for more books of course). This will only work with nice looking books, with decorative spines, like the one above from Real Simple, and real simple it is to create this look.

Turn one form of art into another. Use the pages to make paper flowers. This would look awesome as a little bouquet on, you guessed it, your bookshelf! Check out 100 Layer Cake's how-to instructions and see the wedding bouquet, which is an amazing idea for a bookworm, librarian or writer. I would have totally done something like that!

This is another amazing idea, which I got from Better Homes & Gardens, to make picture frames out of your old books. Again, you'll need hardcover and decorative spines, but these are amazing.

If you've had kids, you have lots of board books. Why not get your little bookworm into the mix and let them make their own board books, using the existing ones you have? Creative With Kids has all the deets.

This mail holder is the perfect use for an old book, like the large Webster's dictionary you see here. I'm sure we all have one of these sitting around getting absolutely no use. So creative! Thanks to Dollar Store Crafts.

If you have the time and love this style, this would look amazing in a teen's or book lover's bedroom! You can get all of the instructions at Instructables.com and maybe even find more projects you might want to do.

Bargainmoosers, what are you going to do with all of those books cluttering up your shelves?

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  • Kevlar
    While I believe in recycling, some of these "new uses for old books" is as bad as the Nazi's burning books during World War II. There are children and adults around the world who do not have access to books so destroying a book in some of the ways suggested here are just wrong. There are also many people who collect old books so donate them to thrift shops, sell them at yard sales, drop them off at shelters, schools and even foodbanks. Don't destroy them!
    • Pat
      I agree with Kevlar to a large degree. However some books are just not worth donating, such as old encyclopedias and text books. Nobody wants them and they just clutter up shelves at thrift stores. They need to be recycled.
    • Library A.
      As sad as it, sometimes there are books that simply aren't appropriate for donating, and believe it or not, we've had discarded books at our library sitting in boxes for years while we try to find a charity willing to take them. At least this way, books that are truly unwanted will get used!