5 Frugalicious Ways To Reuse Hot Wheels Cars!

5 Frugalicious Ways To Reuse Hot Wheels Cars!


I bet you have way too many dinky cars around your home if you have a son. What can you do with all the excess toy cars anyway? Christmas is coming up and you need to make room for the newest toy trends, which means you might need to rid of about 200-300 toy Hot Wheels cars - or do you? I have quite a few suggestions for do it yourself projects using these little toy cars - and I just adore them all. My son has several toy cars that have been missing a wheel or have become otherwise injured so I am going to make use a few of these Hot Wheels Style DIY projects. Won't you?


Hot Wheels Magnets

How genius is this!? Take a few of those toy cars and glue magnets to the bottoms of the cars. Use a hot glue gun for the best results. These are awesome magnets to add some character to your fridge. You can stick the chores list to the fridge now, so they have no excuse about forgetting to walk the dog or wash the dishes. Magnets will cost you next to nothing at your local dollar store or craft store, and chances are you already have a glue gun. I would love to see your results with this one!

Hot Wheels Clock

Do you have an old clock laying around? You can cut out a circle of wood and use the clock gears and pieces to build your very own clock. Then glue a car to be your numbers so that your kiddo can enjoy learning how to tell time. It would be even better to paint numbers on the cars or even to find race cars with the numbers already on them. You will only need 12 cars for this one.

Racing Growth Chart

Your kiddo probably grows like a weed (so does mine). Have you got a growth chart to keep track of his progress? You can make your own with a long piece of wood (make it at least 5 feet tall for it to last as long as possible). Then you can paint it to look like a road and design it to look like a ruler like the photo above. Glue a hot wheels car on one a year or once every six months to keep track of how much your little monkey is growing. My toddler loves comparing how tall he is now to how tall he was last year.3

Fast Handles

You can upcycle an old dresser or spruce up your existing dresser with some Hot Wheels door handles. Just glue on the cars where the handles would be and voila. If you are handy, you can figure out a way to actually screw them into the dresser without compromising the appearance of the individual cars. How would you go about doing so?

Monogram Car Initial

Take a bunch of old or leftover Hot Wheels (or other dinky cars) and glue them onto a black matte or board in the shape of your child's first initial. You can even frame it with a cheap frame from Walmart or your local Dollar Store. You may even want to cut the board after you buy the frame. It is easier to cut the board to size as opposed to finding a frame to fit the board you made. Make sense? You can even use cars to match their room decor if you desire.

Moosers, what do you do with all those extra dinky cars around the house?


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  • sandra
    Great idea but apparently my son needs all 198 of his.......he did write "I love you" with them when I asked him to count them and then pick them up.