Weekly Grocery Cash Back Offers

16 April 2015


The sun is finally starting to peek out from the clouds, so get ready for summer by eating right and saving money in the process. Here are this week's grocery cash back deals from Checkout 51, Snap by Groupon, CartSmart and Zweet.

BACON! Need I say more? Here are this week's top cash back deals at Snap:

  • Pledge floor care product: $7 cash back
  • 2 Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner: $4 cash back
  • 2 Huggies baby wipes: $2 cash back
  • Casa di Mama Inferno pizza: $1 cash back
  • Planters lightly sea salted cashews: $1 cash back
  • Can of soup: $1 cash back
  • Paper towels: $1 cash back
  • Awake chocolate bars: $0.50 cash back
  • Bacon: $0.25 cash back

Same as last week, you can also take advantage of these bonus bundles:

  • 2 Pull-Ups training pants: $5 cash back
  • 2 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gels: $4 cash back

Eggs still give $0.50 cash back, but you can also get:

  • Fibre Choice chewable tablets & gummies: $2 cash back
  • Nescafe cappuccino items: $1.50 cash back
  • 2 Ocean's Pole & Line tuna: $1 cash back
  • Classico pasta sauce: $1 cash back
  • Hellmann's products: $1 cash back
  • Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal: $0.75 cash back
  • Bananas: $0.50 cash back
  • Dawn dish soap: $0.50 cash back

For those of you with babies, it's no secret that formula is crazy expensive. This week, you can get $5 cash back on select Similac Advance or SimplePac products. You can also get $2 cash back on Pampers wipes and $1 cash back on Nestle Gerber Lil'Whoos crackers.

There is also a bonus $0.50 cash back offer with purchase of select P&G Fabric Care items.

If you spend over $50 on your grocery bill, then you can get $0.25 cash back from Zweet, along with the following top deals:

  • St Dalfour deluxe spreads: $1 cash back
  • Encore Woodland liquid smoke: $0.75 cash back
  • Encore Woodland chicken wing sauce: $0.75 cash back
  • Sanpellegrino fruit beverages: $0.75 cash back
  • MAXX scoop cat litter: $0.75 cash back
  • Nabob coffee: $0.75 cash back
  • GIA Italian cooking paste: $0.75 cash back

There are more but here are just some of CartSmart’s newest cash back offers:

  • O-Live & co. oil: $1 cash back
  • Solo cups: $1 cash back
  • Perrier slim cans: $1 cash back
  • Andy Boy romaine lettuce: $1 cash back
  • 2 Rubbermaid Take Away containers: $1 cash back
  • Meguiar’s car care: $1 cash back
  • CLR cleaner: $1 cash back
  • HydraSense nasal spray: $1 cash back
  • Pronamel toothpaste: $0.75 cash back
  • Jiffy pop popcorn: $0.50 cash back

Happy grocery shopping Moosers!

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