The Bay Canada: Get A Free Glow Bracelet When You Spend $50 On Olympic Apparel

22 February 2014


Shop from The Bay's Sochi 2014 Canadian Olympic Team Collection and you'll get a souvenir Glow Bracelet free when you spend $50+.

Canada has quite a lot to proud of this year with the way we are performing at the Olympics. I'm not a very sporty person, but this Olympic hype has really got me motivated and excited. My kids are watching the games at school and really feeling patriotic about supporting our athletes. It was a proud and victorious moment when our Canadian women won the Gold in hockey. I think the men can do it tomorrow too! If you want to show your support of our Canadians in the olympics, you could purchase some apparel and right now The Bay has an amazing collection, plus a cool freebie too, only on this weekend.

I see a number of beautiful items in this collection but my most favourite by far are the mittens. Mittens are very hard to find this time of year, so that is one reason, but these mittens look so warm and just remind me what it means to be Canadian. I think I want a pair for each member of my family. Considering there are five of us and they are $10 a pair, this will get me the free bracelet too. Choose from adult, youth, toddler and infant.

I also really love this hoodie, which is $49.99, and will probably also get me the bracelet.

Shipping is free once you spend over $99.

(Expiry: 23rd February 2014)

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