Ebay Cashback: Save A Bit More Cash On Your Ebay Canada Purchases


As this is a bargain-hunters blog, I'm sure many of you are also Ebay addicts. You might be interested to hear that you can get a little bit of extra Ebay cashback if you're buying anything there.

The deal is this:

Dealguild Canada, the cashback website, offer a 26% cashback amount, based on the amount of ebay's revenue. Obviously, it doesn't mean 26% cashback on the amount you spend, but 26% of eBay's revenue which will be a substantially smaller amount.

Depending on what you buy, the selling fees (and therefore ebay's revenue) may differ. There's a guide here if you are interested in knowing more about the various fees for various auctions.

Obviously 26% of the ebay revenue on your purchase isn't amazingly huge, but if you are a regular ebay shopper, then I'm sure those pennies would really add up.

To finish with a bit of light-hearted entertainment, have you heard Weird Al Yankovic's "Ebay" song or read XKCD?


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    *LOL* i loved that comic!

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