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20 November 2011

There has been quite a bit happening on the Bargainmoose deal forums over the last few days, with hot bargains, coupons and freebies galore. Here's a bit of a rundown on some of the offers:

If you've got a ton of space, Bargainmooser Meggie found a super deal on a huge TV - a 60" Panasonic Plasma from Futureshop for just short of $2100 (was $2700). Would you have the space for this behemoth of a TV? I've got a 42" Panasonic plasma which already looks big in my room, I couldn't fit in a 60"!

Bargainmooser Robotafterall mentioned that Steam currently have a half price sale on Bejewelled 3 - you can get it here at Steam until the 21st November 2011 - it's only $9.99. I'm quite tempted because I love Bejewelled as it is a great little time-waster. But I barely have enough time in the day as it is, so I'm going to pass on this deal myself. I'd become addicted within minutes, I am sure!

If you're a fan of Chapters, Bargainmooser Trun mentions a deal on their Twice as Nice gift cards which are back for the holidays. Here's the deal in Trun's own words:

This is a gift card any cashier can give you for free. Used on a purchase of over $50 in-store, the first time you use it will redeem at least $5 (but could be up to $2500) and the second time you use it will redeem at least $10 (but could be up to $5000). Any remaining amount will stay on it just like a normal gift card.

This deal is happening until the 18th December in-store - good time to buy!


Bargainmooser Hanna mentioned a great upcoming freebie from - 10,000 free samples of Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. The freebie will only become active on Tuesday the 22nd November 2011, so make a note in your diary to check back then.

Another great freebie posted by moooser ksanders is the free Glad compostable bag samples, which you can order here at This freebie appears to be based on your post code. If your area isn't eligible for the free sample giveaway, they will give you a free coupon for a $1.50 discount. So as ksanders said, it's a win either way. :)


I've been posting a few deals on the forums myself, for those deals which aren't quite enough for a full page blog post on Bargainmoose. Some quick coupons from myself and a few other forum members:

There are more deals and coupons and freebies over on the forum, go check them out. And if you spot a hot deal somewhere, please come and share it with your fellow Bargainmoosers too!

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