Canadian Freebies: Free Skate Sharpening at SportChek


So I'm not sure if you need to print this out, or if you just go in store and say "hey, I would like my skates sharpened please!" but SportChek is offering a free skate sharpening for up to 3 pairs of skates per visit for free, until August 30, 2010.

So if you have to print that page for the free skate sharpening it doesn't say. But to be on the safe side and incase your sharpening person isn't so sharp you might want to take it along as proof of your entitlement.

This I view as a very generous offer because skating on dull skates is just not so much fun. You can't go nearly as fast. I have had my skates sharpened at SportChek twice before and they do a moderatly good job.

The best part of all is: ITS FREE! :-D

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  • Angela
    iLuv iPad Great contest! Thanks

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