Zoomer Show Pony $69.97 @ Walmart.ca

Zoomer Show Pony $69.97 @ Walmart.ca

This is another toy that is quickly making its way to the top of the Christmas Most Wanted list. The Zoomer Show Pony is everything the kids want. I bet a lot of kids ask for a pony every year, and finally Santa can follow through. The Zoomer Show Pony with Lights, Sounds and Interactive Movement is available at Walmart.ca for $69.97, down from $99.97!

It's over $119.99 at other Canadian retailers, so you definitely won't want to pass this sale price up!

Now every child can have their very own pony under the Christmas tree this year! The Zoomer Show Pony is an interactive toy that the kids can feed, groom and even train to perform different tricks. I wish we had this toy when I was a kid.

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