Zazu Sleep Trainer & Nightlight $46.99 @ Zulily

Zazu Sleep Trainer & Nightlight $46.99 @ Zulily

Daylight Saving Time ends soon for most Canadians on Nov. 6th, which means ideally you should be able to sleep in since we set our clocks back an hour, leaving us with an extra hour of sleep! That's good right?

Well, not quite - It's no secret that kids are programmed differently from adults. They wake up early no matter if Daylight Saving Time is in effect, or not.

Here's an adorable Zazu sleep trainer selling for $46.99 (suggested retail price $78.00) at Zulily that can help sort out sleep schedules by setting a good example for little ones having trouble with falling asleep at night. Sleeptrainer SAM closes his eyes and lights up with a blue glow to signal that it's time for bed.

Early birds are encouraged to stay in bed just a little longer as SAM's eyes slowly begin to open, and 12 stars disappear one after the other. Morning is signaled on the screen by a sun emblem.

Shipping on this item is $5.95. Import fees are covered by Zulily for you so there's no hidden charges.


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